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Urho Club is an international gentleman's club, whose membership is provided also for a growing number of women. Our club has also a new department for youngsters, so you can join our activities even if you are under aged (of course, only with parental consent). Our fundamental principles are absolute humanity with people irrespective of race, sex, and skin color, a sufficient sense of humor, patriotic attitude, and maintenance of masculine Urho-culture.

Club membership is open to every person we know / we have heard recommendations regardless of the persons nationality, race or gender (see member classes), and who has more than enough sense of humor.


In addition, a person who wants to join us must absolutely have a very deep humane attitude to all neighbours. We do not accept any extremists or fanatics! Please note that you can become a member, however, by invitation only.


Our club members have the opportunity to influence the functioning of our society, for example by writing articles for publication in our club's website. These pages will be read, by their own words, already a considerable number of decision-makers - for example, many people can be afraid of being targets of our excellent columnist's word saber! Thus, for example, Pagina-palsta is one of our most read pages! In every single week thousands of readers read those (fiction) stories. We certainly hope that you enjoy them too ...


Our club members take part also in humane activity, but of course, a small hint of smile in corner of our mouth. Also serious things you can be done with joy! For example, blood donations and various fundraisings and of course, war veterans' support activity.


Although Urho-Club membership can only be reached by an invitation, you can certainly try to earn your access to the club. Take part in those competitions on our website, please send us feedback and tell us about yourself. So you can apply for membership by contacting the club's existing members. Free-form application, and with it (of course) some good explanations (and bribes) which we deal carefully in our covernment, and if you are lucky enough, you are invited to join us. A membership application can't be found from our website, instead use your creativity! In our business there is no place for those who are too severe!


Our members have of course to follow certain rules, which can be found on our club charter. Each new member will have his/hers own charter with signatures of members and an own membership documentation. Urho-Club Charter contains among other things many disciplinary proceedings found from Finland's political history. Muilutus, kyyditys, execution and the Note Crisis are involved! If you don't know what they mean, you have something to study... but do not forget your sence of humour, please!


By clicking a thumbnail below you can access the Charter, see the rules with more details, but I'm sorry, so far only in finnish!


Peruskirja - suurenna klikkaamalla


Peruskirja - suurenna klikkaamalla

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