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 Does visible power really exist


I don´t know if the Finnish word “pakina” has a counterword in English. One dictionary suggests the word causerie. A native British member of our club didn´t recognize that word at all. I´ll still try to write a "pakina" in English.

I wrote in May 2006 on these pages that visible power no more exists. The most powerful persons hide their power. It would be too dangerous to point out the real power. If somebody has power, he (or she) also has powerful and even criminal enemies. 

In May 2006 I wrote that the last person, who really had visible power was the past prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme. He was known as the conscience of the whole world. We know his unhappy destiny. Of course the first member of our club, president of Finland, Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, had power, both visible and invisible. In those days the world was different.

The real power in our days is invisible. The most powerful people are those who can influence to many others. They are often artists, for instance writers, painters or actors. Especially powerful are the cartoon makers. Here in Northern Ostrobothnia one of the most powerful persons is Jari, the cartoon maker of the newspaper Kaleva. We all have one vote in political elections. Jari has an effect on thousands of voters. But only a few people know about Jari more than his first name.

More power than cartoon makers have only good pakina writers. This is anyway only an academic matter. In the past we had some good pakina writers such as Olli (Väinö Nuorteva) and Aapeli (Simo Puupponen). Nowadays good pakina writers no more exist.

A good friend of mine told me once that the visible power is in every case so slight that it is worth looking for to nobody.  It is clear that for instance our prime minister, Matti Vanhanen, has no power at all. He only tells what somebody has told to him to say in public. We don´t see Vanhanen´s advisors in publicity. The advisors have real power but that power is invisible.

Now I have thought that maybe I have mistaken. Perhaps there is a person who really has visible power also in these days. The new president of US, Barack Obama, speaks as if he tells his ownthoughts.  When president Obama visited in Prague, he made a very important speech. Obama told that he really is a great man. He is the man, who brought Michelle Obama to Prague and that is a great achievement. Perhaps Michelle Obama really has visible power, and she has it by a very beautiful way.