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Tumpola town Tumpola is an attractive community in the middle of lake-Finland near
Maps Juuka and Koli, allmost neighbour of Lieksa, the famous city from movies.
Library Nurmes is also very near, we are so sorry!

And this is our money machine!

We have about 4000 citicens and we
Police are doing new ones constantly. New
Health schools are being established all the
Tourism time att least couple/year (cov. support).
Parish Other community services are also
Tumpola localTV matter of great importance; our own
Building officers organ- and bloodbank, burial office and dentist  wanted by many local
Siigret Service officials are good examples of that. And we have not forgotten tourist either,
Universitae t.ex. town hall in a picture above is a very good source for tourist money.
Main page Tumpola lives from shit - degradable energy production - you can smell it!
Sweden We are sure that you will love our town and you can never leave us!
 - Please, come and be thrilled!
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