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Kaiken maailman terroristeja... (15.12.2010)

- An open letter to New York Congressman Pete King:

Mr King,
    You have called for declaring Wikileaks an terrorist organization.
I think you are on right track! All those so called journalists should be called
what they are - terrorists. And you are absolutely correct in wanting to shut
down money pouring to these terrorists. Everybody giving legal support to those
terrorists should be prosecuted as you suggested. Today those terrorists can
publish anything and they merely consider how much legal costs are should their
information prove to be wrong. Every man who pays a nickel to support these
terrorists by buying a newspaper should be prosecuted. With very little effort
you get your level of protecting people from these terrorists to same level as
North Korea does! We here in Europe can only envy your information system, we
haven't seen such a propaganda machine here since fall of the Third Reich!


Horinoitsijanne UH

I speak with the confidence granted by total ignorance ;-)

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